Ice and Peace by Clare Dargin – review

Ice and Peace Clare Dargin

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A science fiction lover, this was my first foray into military science fiction. I was fascinated by the manner in which Navy and Marine protocols were integrated effortlessly. Clare Dargin weaves an epic story of love amidst the mayhem of war. Caitlin and Medoro Keegan, both so dedicated to duty, torn by that commitment as they struggle to honor the love between them. Trust unravels as protocol and circumstances place them on opposing sides. To keep her Medoro must allow his wife to risk her life while she must blindly trust in the strength of their love to stay alive.


Strings by Kendall Grey – review

I just finished reading Strings. I’ve got to admit being swept up in the anticipation of reading Beats made me itch to read Strings, to get a prelude into the world so to speak. I’ve never been a rock fan and expected that song references would fall flat. I figured.

This is what happened: I met Letty, a take-no-prisoners ball breaker with irreverent expressions that had me on the floor. Letty puts in her forty a week and still has more in the tank for her dream of becoming a rock star. Fate, serendipity whatever you tag it, brings Shades together with birthday girl Letty for one kinky orgasmic night. Or so she thinks until fate plays its next hand. Add the tag-team duo of Rax and Toombs, Jinx the minx, duplicitous Kate and Jillian to the mix. You’ve got Cherry Buzz Float meets Killer Dixon and a wild ride. Seduced by the music, high on the sex, gripped by unconventional love. Like a rock star anthem a voice in my head chants on: Beats, Beats, Beats…

Kendall Grey - Strings