…and then there were editors

An amazing writer told me today, “Reviews are opinions.  So, to a point, are edits.”

Writing a book is an amazing endeavor, whether it turns out to be a great read or not. After giving life to these ideas, it’s time for the “book-scaping” to begin. Editors come from different schools of thought. Some concentrate solely on fixing spelling and grammar mistakes, while there are others who check for plotholes as well as flow, all the way to the finished product.

Personally my preference is the latter type: an editor who see a project through to a beautiful finish. Editing costs can sometimes be prohibitive, especially for indie authors. In addition to paying for this service, the writer then has to provide the editor with free real estate. Think of a billboard above city lights – costly advertising real estate. So as an added bonus the editor gets premium advertising for free. With their name attached to the book in perpetuity, why wouldn’t an editor ensure the final product is well presented?


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